Thuong Chanh beach in Phan Thiet city, Binh Thuan has proved a popular destination among a large number of visitors thanks to its tranquil atmosphere, gentle waves, and the breathtaking sight of the sunrise in the distance.

Thuong Chanh beach can be found next to Ca river in Phan Thiet city in the southern province of Binh Thuan.

Early morning is a popular time to visit the beach among local people. Many people come to the beach early to do their morning exercises and to bathe in the ocean

Thuong Chang is widely considered the most peaceful beach in the entire province

Women from Hung Long fishing village head to the beach during the morning

This woman regularly buries her legs in the sand to try and ease the pain from her joints

According to local fishermen, burying oneself in the beach’s soft sands can help strengthen the body’s immune system against diseases

Children are able to swim in the sea due to low water levels and gentle waves

With rocks surrounding the sides of the beach and being located away from the shore, it prevents waves from crashing into the coast and creates gentle waves

Fishing vessels can be seen catching fish out at sea

Visitors can enjoy the sight of Ta Cu mountain in the distance when bathing at the beach